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Workshop: Soundwalks recordings,
with Félix Blume

October 24-28, 17:00-19:00
Casa Universitaria del Libro CASUL
(Orizaba 24, Roma Norte)
In collaboration with Ana Cecilia Medina (lleom member)
Prior register: info@universodeletras.unam.mx

$300 General/$150 Students

Photo: lleom

As a part of PoéticaSonora | México 2016 program, in this theoretical and practical workshop the assistants will approach soundwalks as a philosophical topic, a literary subject and as an artistic practice. Key texts in the history of this practice will serve as a starting point (Careri, De Certeau, Gros) with examples ranging from psycogeographical wanderings and situationist drifts, passing through traditional walks, to extended literature projects as Susurrus or Belen Gache’s Second Life walks.

Walk registration will be explored with multiple formats: from old maps to georreferentiated maps in mobile applications (Aporee, Freesound, Echoes). The participants will define a specific route in the surroundings of CASUL, in order to design a soundwalk in which the pre-recorded sounds will interact with the sounds of the environment. This sound project will be composed with field recording, sound fiction, recorded readings, interviews, music, sound archives, etc.

The soundwalk project will be developed during the workshop gathering field recordings, all kind of pre-recorded sounds and historical or personal archives that will be edited and integrated into the soundwalk design. The last day of the workshop we will call the public to join a soundwalk that will offer a singular experience for each walker, using a GPS mobile app.

The workshop is addressed to people with experience in sound recording and sound editing. To be part of the workshop headphones are required, a brief profile description including your motivations to take part in the workshop (10 lines maximum).

Program resume

DAY 1: Workshop presentation and introduction with the walking practices of Félix Blume and lleom. The assistants will take part in a blind walking experience and written or draw map registration.

DAY 2: Reflection about the collective soundwalk project. Presentation of online soundmaps and mobile sound apps.
DAY 3: Field recording and pre-recorded sound gathering by groups.

DAY 4: Sound editing, route and sound map design. Testing of the sound tracks in the mobile app

DAY 5: Last testing. Public soundwalk.

Félix Blume (Narbonne, France, 1984), sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico, France and Belgium. His personal work is based on field-recordings using sound as a basic material, in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. He works with communities in the public space. In his pieces, he blurs the line between sounds and music by changing noise in sounds that eventually sheds a new light on the perception of the surrounding sounds. The particularity of his work is that the audio and visual aspects are closely intertwined. As a sound collector, he has a large sound library recorded from different parts of the world that he freely shares on the Internet.

He has participated in exhibitions in Spain (LOOP Festival, CCCB), Mexico (Ex-Teresa, Fonoteca Nacional, Casa de Francia, Quinto Piso), Chile (CENTEX, Festival Tsonami), France (Instants Chavirés) , Germany (Labor 19) and Belgium (Festival Monophonic). His sound pieces were broadcasted in galleries and radios from all over the world: Arte Radio (FR), Kunst Radio (AT), Deutschland Radio Kultur (DE), Radio Nacional de España (ES), Phaune Radio (FR), ABC Radio (AU), Radio Panik (BE), Radio Grenouille (FR) among others, as well as in different spaces such as Centre Pompidou and Musée d’Orsay. His work Los Gritos de México was granted the “Pierre Schaeffer” prize in the French festival Phonurgia (Paris) and an honorific mention in the Bienal de Radio in Mexico City.

His work as sound engineer focus on sound recording and sound design for documentaries, feature films and video art, collaborating with different directors and visual artists as Francis Alÿs among others. He graduated from INSAS Film School in Belgium and an Audiovisual Technician Brevet in France. He also gave workshops in France, Mexico, Italy and Belgium.