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Workshop: Managing digital
sound archives,
with Aurelio Meza

(Concordia University-lleom)
Fonoteca Nacional

Photos: Ana Cecilia Medina

This theoretical and practical workshop offers a panorama on digital documentation, particularly in the field of sound archives, in order to contextualize the “archival turn” that has developed in many current theoretical trends (digital humanities, media archaeology, cultural materiality, among others). This contextualization will work to discuss the redefinition of the concept “archive” that has been developing in the last few years.

This workshop also offers an approach to several types of digital repositories that have contributed to changing our way to conceptualize the documentation process in the digital era. We will review some of the extant alternatives to develop a sound archival system, either personal or institutional, with a low budget, as well as mechanisms to keep it online and make it grow with the aid of users (crowdsourcing).

Lastly, we will specifically focus on one of the most important steps in the archival management process: metadata classification (text mining, tagging, and so on), to facilitate access to a big number of documents in a quick, efficient way.

Objectives: Offering participants basic knowledge about the mediation and remediation processes involved in the generation of digital sound archives, as well as providing them with the necessary technical and methodological tools to gather audio tracks, in order to increase the available audio documents for big-scale digital sound archives.

Aimed at students, scholars, writers, artists, promoters and producers who wish to manage their own sound archives.



Session 1:

1.     A theoretical approach to digital archives

2.     Documentation and classification techniques for digital sound

3.     Tagging sound files

Session 2:

1.     Rethinking the archive in the digital era

2.     Thinking about abundance: the big data era

3.     Archiving—what for?

Session 3:

Digital edition practical session.

Students will work with a reduced number of audio files. They will listen to them, edit, and tag them according to pre-established parameters.