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Workshop: Extended vocal techniques,
with Ute Wassermann

September 29, 17:00-18:45
Casa Universitaria del Libro CASUL
(Orizaba 24, Roma Norte)
Free entrance, prior sign up required

This workshop will showcase the many possibilities of voice manipulation through extended techinques. The participants will work in vocal warm-up and experimentation, and learn different ways of vocal articulation and spatial projection. Multi-voiced, personalized vocal expressions will be developed and put in practice through improvisation games and specific musical concepts, like the choir.

The workshop will be taught by Ute Wasserman (Germany, 1960), vocal artist and composer renowned by her work with extended vocal techniques. Throughout her carreer, Wasserman has developed different techniques to disguise the voice through the use of bird whistles and resonating objects. Her work includes the creation of sound installations and vocal experimentation in spaces with unusual acoustics. She studied visual arts (sound installation and performance art) in Hamburg with Henning Christiansen and Alan Kaprow, and later on in different parts of Europe and Australia. She has collaborated with musicians like Richard Barret, Aleks Kolkowski and Birgit Ulther, and has participated in projects such as Forch octate, ASKO Ensemble, Munich Chamber Orchestra, and Speak Easy quartet. In theater, she has collaborated with Matthias Kaul, Ensemble L'art pour l'art, Salvatore Sciarrino, Gerhard Säbler, among others. She is also part of the group Les femmes savantes.