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Ute Wassermann
Imaginary Habitat,
commisioned 8-channel piece

Voice, field recordings
Live presentation: October 7, 19:00
Sound Garden at Fonoteca Nacional

(Francisco Sosa 383, Coyoacán)
Free entrance

Imaginary Habitat is a set of sonic interventions for voice and field recordings chosen from the archive of La Fonoteca Nacional: environmental soundsand fragmented voices of different mexican languages.

Ute's voice is an astounding and extreme sound instrument. In Imaginary Habitat she uses bird call whistles to mask her voice and to create a hybrid vocal instrument with oscillating, swirling, trilling, screeching, sighing, breathing and singing tone-colours. Her vocal sounds seem to be disconnected from the human voice, a sound world dissolving into the sounds of birds, machines, electronics and mimesis of fragmented language.

In the performance her chameleon like voice is interacting with and tuning into different soundscapes  creating a strange place between human and nonhuman identities through mimesis and transformation.

Imaginary Habitat
is commisioned by the laboratory of extended literatures and other materialities and produced thanks to the collaboration between Fonoteca Nacional, the UNAM’s program “Universo de Letras” and Instituto Goethe.