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About the project

PoéticaSonoraMX is one of several projects by lleom (short in Spanish for laboratory of extended literatures and other materialities), conformed by faculty members and graduate students at UNAM, Mexico, and Concordia University, Canada. It is an artistic and academic program, conceived of as an articulating node among the many Mexican proposals, either emerging or with a longstanding career, that put an emphasis on the study, production, archiving, or distribution of practices related with the voice, as deployed in poetic and sound creative works. Through meetings, conferences, workshops, interventions, and archival management, PoéticaSonoraMX seeks to gather several agents, instances, and institutions who follow this kind of approach, in order to discuss the possible field of action, to create and expand audiences, and to diversify what is understood as listening, legibility, materiality of sound, and sound art.

The present program, that began in 2016, proposes three action axes: artistic activities, academic activities, and document organization towards a digital sound archive for Latin American poetry in Mexico. These axes will be developed in different Mexico City venues, coordinated by lleom in collaboration with UNAM through the Cultural Divulgation Coordination and the Reading Promotion University Program “Universo de Letras.” Other participating institutions are Fonoteca Nacional, Concordia University, Museo Experimental El Eco, Radio UNAM, Dirección de Literatura UNAM, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Laboratorio Arte Alameda and Centro de Cultura Digital.

Among its several activities, the PoéticaSonoraMX’s program seeks to rescue the tangible and intangible memory of sound, keep track of its multiple trajectories, and find a place for them in the plural, diversified contemporary listening practices.